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Elsie's Diary - 2010



Short cut mischief - early days of MND


PathThere is a short cut to a local shop via a linear park close to my home. Rising from the linear park the path is very steep leading up to 9 steps set into a bank with a rough wall covered in ivy. No hand rail.


The short cut had been cleaned for the first time in years, so......yep I tried to tackle it like an intrepid mountaineer climbing Everest but with only the aid of my trusty black sparkly walking stick.


Well, I managed to totter up the path grasping the ivy along the way reaching the penultimate step. What to hold onto? Last step too deep. Don’t fancy my chances to retrace my steps, absailing not an option. Ok think and plan......I decided to sit on the last step. Shuffle on my bottom away from the edge. As I sat contemplating, I see a sturdy metal pole a short crawl away. Thinking ok I will crawl to it and haul myself up. Solution!


StepsWhilst planning this maneuver, first a young man followed by an older gentleman, walking their dogs came up from the lane. What a sight I must have looked! How best to handle this odd situation. I hastily pulled out 'Betty' my trusty Lightwriter and typed as quickly as possible a request for them to assist me to stand. The young man, passed his dog to the second stranger and hauled me up, retrieved his dog and went on his way without comment, possibly relieved to escape the batty women. The older gentleman kindly asked if I was ok then went on his merry way too. No doubt my rescuers could not believe their eyes and their imaginations ran riot.


From my point of view it could have been a way to make new friends and from theirs a new pick up trick! Needless to say I won’t be tackling those steps again!


Moral: Nothing ventured nothing gained.