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Elsie's Diary - Introduction



Lorraine Chard

Lorraine Chard

Sense of humour essential


I first became aware something was not quite right when I had an irritating cough for several months. My doctor arranged an appointment with a neurologist in September 2007. Tests provided inconclusive results.


In March 2008, at my request, I saw a different neurologist. He thought it was MND on my first visit, and he confirmed his diagnosis the following month.


His written confirmation opened doors to a speech therapist, an incredibly forward-thinking occupational therapist, dietitian and the MND Association.


I am able to live alone at home through the loving support and care of my partner and family. Sadly my husband lost his battle with cancer in 2000. I have an amazing care provider, physiotherapist, speech therapist and good medical support.


I continued to work full-time and my colleagues were understanding, even though I used a Lightwriter, kindly loaned by the Association. But in May 2010 I requested early retirement.


After leaving work, Elsie’s Diary was born and many unexpected experiences have since been recorded. The one thing I have learnt in my journey with MND, is always stay one step ahead and keep your sense of humour!